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Herpin' in North Carolina
This is a travelogue of a trip I took to North Carolina in May 2002. Looking for reptile and amphibians to photograph is always a good reason to get out in the woods. Most of it is html, but you'll also need the Flash6 plugin. The main story is here, but there's more to come.

Costa Rica 2002-Coming Soon!
Costa Rica is a country with a tremendous variety of habitats and a rich biodiversity. I've been there several times, and still can't seem to get enough. This is a travelogue of my trip in 2002. You'll need a minimum 800x600 screen and the Flash6 plugin.

Poison-dart Frogs in Panama
Travel to Panama with me and see the amazingly variable poison-dart frog Dendrobates pumilio. This article was originally published in Aqua-Geographia in 1992.

Curriculum Vitae or
The Story of My Life
A timeline of my life starting from about 3 million years ago to today. This was originally created in Flash4 as an e-resume in 2000.


Insects on Glass
A look at some of my studio photography. These are mounted exotic insects photographed with stained glass backgrounds. This Flash file is about 230K so it may take a while to load with a slow connection.